Walgreens Joins The Gloucester Program, Offering Discounted Narcan to the Uninsured

Gloucester Police Department Press Release — Republished

Gloucester Police Department
Leonard Campanello, Chief of Police
197 Main St.
Gloucester , MA 01930

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Contact: John Guilfoil
Phone: 617-993-0003

Walgreens Joins The Gloucester Program, Offering Discounted Narcan to the Uninsured

GLOUCESTER — Police Chief Leonard Campanello is pleased to announce that Walgreens, which operates a 24-hour pharmacy in the city, is joining the Gloucester Police Department’s new drug initiatives.

The Gloucester Program is designed to remove the stigma of drug addiction by recognizing it as a disease, while empowering police officers to take direct action, giving drug addicts the option of recovery over incarceration. A major part of the program involves putting nasal naloxone (Narcan) in the hands of addicts, families, and caregivers to prevent overdose death by addicts who have not yet gone into treatment.

“We are so proud to be partnering with Walgreens and are thrilled that businesses are standing with us on this important issue,” Chief Campanello said. “The Gloucester Police hopes to continuously take steps forward to provide help to those most in need in our community.”

Gloucester Police are offering to subsidize the cost of Narcan for the uninsured. After learning about Chief Campanello’s plans, Walgreens jumped on board to help keep the police department’s costs low.

“As a 24-hour pharmacy, we believe that with our around the clock accessibility we’d be able to reach more people who are seeking help,” Walgreens Store Manager in Gloucester Joel Parr and Pharmacy Manager Beth Calomo wrote in a letter to the chief. “Your vision for Gloucester aligns with Walgreens’ purpose to ‘champion everyone’s right to be happy and healthy.’ We pledge to do our part in helping the people of Gloucester get, stay and live well.”