Mother of Man Who Died of Drug Overdose Comes Forward, Gloucester Police Arrest Two Dealers Who Allegedly Sold Him Fatal Dose

Gloucester Police Department
Leonard Campanello, Chief of Police
197 Main St.
Gloucester , MA 01930

For Immediate Release

Monday, Nov. 2, 2015

Contact: John Guilfoil
Phone: 617-993-0003

Mother of Man Who Died of Drug Overdose Comes Forward, Gloucester Police Arrest Two Dealers Who Allegedly Sold Him Fatal Dose

Detectives Go Undercover to Capture Those Who Allegedly Profit from Death and Human Suffering

GLOUCESTER — Chief Leonard Campanello reports that the Gloucester Police Department assisted a woman, who resides outside of the city, gain justice for her son who died of a heroin overdose by arresting the men who allegedly sold him the drugs that ended his life.

The North Shore woman heard of the Gloucester Police Department’s ANGEL Program and the proactive work being done in the city to combat the disease of addiction, so she reached out to police for assistance, who were very willing to help.

Following an investigation, police successfully conducted an undercover drug buy of $500-worth of heroin that subsequently led to the arrest of the two alleged dealers.

WILLIAM J. PIAZZA, AGE 32, OF LYNN is charged with Distributing a Class A Drug (Heroin) and Operation of a Motor Vehicle with A Suspended License.

EUGENIO VALENTIN, AGE 32, OF LYNN is charged with Distributing a Class A Drug (Heroin).

“The Gloucester Police Department continues to do its job on the supply side of this problem,” Chief Campanello said. “The gains from the ANGEL program continue to affect both sides of this disease, and in this case, we were able to disrupt a supply chain through information provided by a heartbroken mother. Our policies about how we go after dealers who profit from the suffering and death of person struggling with the disease of addiction have not and will not change.”

On Oct. 26, slightly before 5 p.m., with information provided by the woman, an undercover police officer contacted the suspects by phone to purchase heroin. Two men, later identified as PIAZZA and VALENTIN, arrived at a location in Gloucester and completed the transaction.

Their motor vehicle, driven by PIAZZA, was then stopped by Gloucester Police and the two suspects were charged.

The men were held at the Gloucester Police Department pending their arraignment at Gloucester District Court.

About the Gloucester ANGEL Program

The Gloucester Police Department developed the ANGEL Program to combat the disease of addiction by refusing to arrest addicts. Instead, police assist those who ask for help into the treatment they need to recover. The program has garnered national attention and continues to expand, adding new police departments and treatment centers from around the country daily. Click here to view the official police policy document.