East Brunswick, N.J. Join PAARI to Launch Addiction Initiative

A message from the East Brunswick, N.J. Police Department. 

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – The East Brunswick Police Department is pleased to announce they have partnered with the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.) to launch the department’s Opiate Outreach Initiative.

Through the department’s program, which launched on January 1, 2016 East Brunswick Police will implement new opiate outreach initiatives and work with P.A.A.R.I. to place participants into treatment. The department already carries nasal Naloxone (Narcan) in all police vehicles.

Modeled after Arlington Outreach Initiative, the East Brunswick Police Department’s initiative seeks to form a community partnership between the East Brunswick Police Department, local substance abuse health care professionals, and treatment centers, to proactively engage in outreach activities to known addicts by offering support/resources to addicts, their families, and other loved ones.  The agency outreach program will identify local residents who are determined to be “at risk” due to previous history of overdoses, known addictions, or officer referrals.  The police department’s Community Policing Unit will serve as the liaison contact between the resident and treatment centers.  Residents who are suffering from addiction issues will be granted the opportunity to be screened into the program.

As part of the Opiate Outreach Initiative, the East Brunswick Police Department has also formally partnered with College Recovery, to provide residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment options for participants. College Recovery will assist East Brunswick Police with quickly responding to treatment requests by pre-screening participants for the appropriate level of care.

The East Brunswick Police Department is committed to making positive advances toward addressing the growing opiate epidemic within our communities, with a coordinated effort from P.A.A.R.I., our College Recovery partners, and our Municipal Drug Alliance, we will continue this fight against addiction in an effort to save lives and create awareness.