Scarborough Operation HOPE Reports 91.2% Of Participants Remain in Recovery

The following was posted to the Scarborough, Maine Police Facebook page today:

Niki at Portland Recovery Community Center has been doing follow up calls to Operation HOPE participants from last October through January. She has been getting very positive feedback so far. This is the message we just got from her….

“As of this morning, we have contacted 68 of the HOPE participants and 62 of them are still in recovery for about 91.2% success!! …Pretty awesome to know just how successful this has all been!! 92% is HUGE!!!!”

We went into this with the mindset of saving just one person would make it worth it. But 92% far exceeds our expectations. This is the power of Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Programs. While not every person who walks in is ready to commit to treatment, most of them are. It takes great courage to walk into a police department and ask for help.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. Let’s save more lives!