P.A.A.R.I. Law Enforcement Partners Hail Ease of Use of Adapt Pharma Single-Step Nasal Narcan

The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative and its law enforcement partners are praising Adapt Pharma on the ease of use of the company’s 4 mg single-step naloxone spray. Last July, Adapt Pharma donated 10,000 doses of the lifesaving overdose reversal drug to P.A.A.R.I. for distribution to its law enforcement partners.

Two human factor studies recently conducted by Adapt indicated that, without instruction or training, a cross section of the population (adults and adolescents, normal and low literate) can complete the critical steps necessary to properly deploy NARCAN Nasal Spray in simulated emergency situations.

According to law enforcement officers, the 4 mg single-step device is much easier to use other forms of naloxone, as it does not require assembly and only needs to be used in one nostril. Additionally, the double dose in Adapt’s 4 mg Narcan means that officers and community members are better able to reverse overdoses with the presence of fentanyl, which is especially prevalent now that first responders are at risk for accidental overdose when handling and processing fentanyl and fentanyl analogues.

“Just the other day our officers responded to a 911 call for an opiate overdose. Upon arrival officers found the sister of the victim fumbling with an outdated multi-step Narcan device. She was unsuccessful at installing the atomizer to enable the delivery of the lifesaving dose of Narcan. Fortunately, our officers were nearby and equipped with the one-step dose of 4 mg Narcan that we received from P.A.A.R.I. through the generous donation from Adapt Pharma.  That dose saved the patient’s life. Following the transport of the patient to a nearby hospital, the Arlington Police Officer remained on scene for about an hour and dispensed a new 4 mg Narcan kit and trained the patient’s loved ones on how to use it. These lifesaving services are enable through the great work of P.A.A.R.I. and our partners at Adapt Pharma,” said Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan, who also chairs P.A.A.R.I.’s Police Council.

The single-step Narcan device from Adapt Pharma is quickly becoming the device of choice for law enforcement. According to some of P.A.A.R.I.’s partners:

Melrose, Mass.
“The Melrose Police Department will soon be changing over from the 2 mg multi-piece dose to the 4 mg single-step nasal naloxone. I have been trained in both delivery systems and without a doubt the easier of the two is the 4 mg single-step nasal naloxone. The boxes of the 2 mg doses fall apart, the atomizers come separate, and they are half the strength of the 4 mg product. The 4 mg single-step nasal naloxone comes well packaged, with little chance of damaging the product, contrary to the 2 mg doses that have been damaged and had to be thrown away. The simplicity of the 4 mg single-step nasal naloxone deployment is almost fool proof. Without a doubt, this product is a giant step forward and we will be happy to utilize it in the future,” said Melrose Police Sgt. Dave Mackey.

Wise County, Va.
“The Wise County Sheriff’s Office implemented the naloxone program January 2017. I became an instructor for the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health who sponsored the REVIVE Naloxone program. I have had the opportunity to train more than 150 LEO and Community leaders. Adapt Pharma through P.A.A.R.I. provided our agency with enough naloxone that every Deputy now carries the 4 mg nasal Narcan. As an instructor and LEO, I feel that the simplicity of the nasal Narcan by far is the best product for our agency. Time is of the essence in an overdose case and deputies arriving on scene don’t have to think about assembling anything. I have also been working to educate our community about the problems we face through a recent seminar entitled “Taking Our Communities Back” Synthetic & Opioid Abuse Education. We are planning to train community leaders to support those individuals who are addicted to opioids. I feel that the nasal Narcan is the best choice for our community. We have not yet had to administer naloxone but we are ready when that day comes thanks to the generosity of Adapt Pharma and the support of P.A.A.R.I.,” said Sgt. Teresa A. Meade or the Wise County, Va. Sheriff’s Office.

Olmstead Township, Ohio
“The one-piece compact, pre-assembled, ready to use 4 mg Narcan spray units alleviate the need to perform fine motor skills under stressful conditions, which saves time and ultimately saves lives,” said Lt. Mark Adam of the Olmsted Township, Ohio Police Department.

Middlebury, Vt.
“Officers who have applied Narcan in the 4 mg single-step device have found this device to be simple and quick to use, durable, compact, and it eliminates potential points of failure. Training in its use is simple and is easily retained. Under adverse and stressful conditions, we’ve found its application to be quick and effective. Every officer is trained and carries multiple 4 mg units. They have also received advisories on the risk of inhalation/absorption of fentanyl and other opioid substances. Officers are aware they may need to apply Narcan to affected officers as well,” said Middlebury, Vt. Police Chief Tom Hanley.

Gloucester, Mass.
“The 4 mg nasal naloxone supplied to our department has worked very well. Due to its single step design it is faster and easier to use and delivers twice the dosage,” said Gloucester Police Chief John McCarthy.

Lee County, Ill.
“Anytime you are involved in a life-threatening crisis situation, time is of the essence.  In addition, under stress, officers and deputies need the right tools for the job that are easy to use and efficient.   This type of nasal naloxone is important for all those reasons and we much appreciate Adapt Pharma supporting our initiatives in this area.   It will, and has, saved lives.  I may even save the life of an officer or deputy who unknowingly comes in contact with an opiate or derivative,” said Lee County, Ill. Sheriff John Simonton. 

East Bridgewater, Mass.
“Police officers are often the first to arrive at overdose scenes. The 4 mg single step Narcan is much easier to use and carry. Officers do not have to put anything together; the Narcan is removed from the package and administered. The stronger dose of Narcan is administered quickly and allows us to save more lives. It gives us a tool to combat Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs,” said East Bridgewater, Mass. Sgt. Bill Patterson. “Officers are not worried about a vial of Narcan breaking. The 4 mg Narcan can be worn on a duty belt. This gives responding officers immediate access to Narcan if they are accidentally exposed to Fentanyl.”

Added P.A.A.R.I’s leaders:

“Law enforcement, in coordination with health authorities, needs every available tool to save lives during this opioid epidemic.  A simpler and, as needed, more powerful antidote to overdoses will save lives,” said P.A.A.R.I. Board Member Gil Kerlikowske.

“We are proud to work with a company like Adapt Pharma, which is doing so much to combat the opioid crisis. Thanks to the ease of use and higher dosage of their nasal Narcan product, more lives will be saved from opioid overdose. This is important now more than ever as even more potent drugs such as fentanyl are becoming more widespread,” said P.A.A.R.I. Executive Director Allie Hunter McDade.

“P.A.A.R.I. and our more than 260 police department partners cannot thank Adapt enough for providing 10,000 lifesaving doses of 4 mg Narcan to our first responders. There are only two options for addressing the opioid epidemic — long term treatment or death. Adapt’s generous donation has helped prevent death for thousands of people suffering from the disease of addiction while the healthcare system catches up and treats the disease of addiction like every other chronic illness,” said P.A.A.R.I. Co-founder and Chairman John Rosenthal.

About NARCAN® (naloxone HCl) Nasal Spray
NARCAN® Nasal Spray is indicated for the emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose, as manifested by respiratory and/or central nervous system depression. NARCAN® Nasal Spray is intended for immediate administration as emergency therapy in settings where opioids may be present. NARCAN® Nasal Spray is not a substitute for emergency medical care.

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